Saturday, June 18, 2005

MasterCard: 68,000 Customers at High Risk - Yahoo! News

MasterCard: 68,000 Customers at High Risk - Yahoo! News

An update to the story...of the 40 million cards exposed by CardSystems Solutions, about 13.9 million accounts were MasterCard. The rest are Visa, Discover, and Amex (even though Amex says this is to a lesser extent). MasterCard says that of these 13.9 cards, about 68,000 are a higher risk. A quick calculation (assuming the rate of the 1st third of the cards) yields about 200k cards being higher risk. I wonder what they consider a higher level of risk.

The card compromise affects both credit and debit cards, so I can forsee a great problem with people's checking accounts.

From what I also understand, the compromise occured when a trojan was installed on the internal network. For sensitive data, one would think they would be more diligent in preventing this situation from occurring.


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